Frequently asked questions

How can I customize an item in your store?

All items can be made for you specifically. Items that are premade are sold as is but can have upgrades added.

How quickly will my item be completed?

Time sensitive designs will be completed as quickly as possible. Order accordingly designs that are made custom can take up to 48 hours.

When will my design be delivered?

We send out your designs as soon as they are made. If you order from the store these are shipped or hand delivered within 6 to 12 hours. We check with funeral directors for service times and designs are delivered accordingly.

How can I customize my design?

You can contact us via email and we will return your inquiry. All items available are in the categories shop page. You may use any item from all categories to upgrade your design.

Are all designs fake flowers?

Our flowers are not "fake". All designs are labeled according to what product is used. Permanent Botanicals are artificial. Our Everlasting floral is preserved "Fresh" botanicals. Preserved is not a dried item but preserved for soft, pliable and